Dietrine Patch - Product Info:

The Dietrine Patch system represents cutting-edge slimming technology, providing a natural, simple and discreet method of losing weight. The Patch helps you to lose weight by increasing your metabolism to burn more calories and decreasing your hunger resulting in natural weight loss.

The safe, yet powerful proprietary herbal blend in Dietrine Patch goes to work immediately. Dietrine Patch helps to lessen hunger pangs and other symptoms generally associated with weight reduction, and serves to jump-start your metabolism, dramatically increasing your body's ability to burn fat. Dietrine Patch is a safe and effective way to controll your appetite and lose weight.

Application is simple and convenient. Just place a Dietrine Patch on the wrist, arm, or some other smooth part of the body, just like a band-aid. The special formula is absorbed immediately into the skin (transdermal delivery) and goes right into the bloodstream where it goes to work at once, and keeps on working! You will eat less, feel less hungry, and quickly lose unwanted pounds and inches.

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