Bontri-Patch stimulates the metabolic system and increases heart rate and blood pressure, thereby decreasing hunger. Bontri-Patch is 100% all natural and can be compared to Bontril, a non-phentermine based appetite suppressant prescription medication.

Bontri-Patch Benefits:
Speeds metabolism, Increases heart rate and blood pressure, Suppresses appetite, 100% all natural

Bontri-Patch relies on the active ingredient Guarana extract to suppress appetite and speed metabolism and is made with fucus vesiculosus, an extract of sea kelp. Sea kelp has been used as a homeopathic remedy for over 100 years to speed up the metabolic rate and break down fatty tissues.

Active ingredients
Guarana extract: 6 mg
Fucus Vesiculosus: 4 mg
Chromium Picolinate: 2mg

Other Active ingredients (1mg or less) Magnesium
Amino acids

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